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Our Logo Design Process

A logo design is an essential part of a brand identity

Design Brief

In this first step, designers discuss with the client the desired outcome. It’s very important to dispel all the doubts before starting to work. The designer must have an idea of what the company is about, the kind of services or products it offers, its culture and the general aesthetics of the brand. Understanding the background information, it’s critical. So, the designer can start to work on those lines. Some creatives hand over a set of questions to get a clear picture of what the company is seeking to achieve.

seo process


During the research stage, the creative starts delving into the company vision, the target market, the particularities of that niche, the kind of competition, demographics and so on. It’s also important to consider the geographical background, is an international company with an international outlook? Or is a local company which focuses on the local market and has no intention of expanding beyond its borders. During the research stage, creatives have to navigate the industry, and the assumptions or clichés related to that niche. Analysing the sources and making questions is the best way to learn about the company.

design process

Draft Production

Based on the previous findings, the designer produces a number of drafts. This is probably great fun for creatives. Here designers have to keep in mind what sort of message the company wants to express. In addition, it’s crucial to know what the competition is doing, design trends and common communication methods associated with that brand. Some brands tend to focus on printed paper and others find the digital space more suitable for their market. In this step, the designer usually plays with fonts, images, shapes, and colours. Some designers work with a sketch book, while others work straight on the computer. The notebook is perfect to brainstorm ideas and bring about new concepts. The key here is to experiment as much as possible.

seo process


The creative hands over his/her best drafts. Usually, at this point, they’ve narrowed down the possibilities, offering the best designs. Company and designer discuss further adjustments and choose an option, that best represent the brand. The feedback is very important, in order to carry on working on the ideal design. In this step, creatives focus on one design, adjusting their drawings to specific requirements. Quite often, the adjustments are very light, but there are times when the designer has to go back to the previous stage and re-draw the entire design. This is not the norm, but it can happen. If everything is fine, designers continue sharpening lines, moving forward to the final concept.

seo process