Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy to ensure how we are using your personal information and the maintenance of information in accordance with our website. We don’t share your information to anyone or others or third parties. We are not having any third parties on our website. We maintain your personal information on the server as it is needed. Once your process has been completed, we will remove your personal data. We don’t ask for any other personal details unless it is required. We will keep your information till your account is active, once you have removed your account, we will remove it permanently from the server. We are using several malware scanning to safely maintain your personal information we employ an anti spam policy to prevent the distribution of spam emails. We may also use cookies, to monitor the usage of our web design fort website in the web. We are also having cookie control option for your preference, you can enable or disable them, it’s up to your choice. In case of any queries regarding privacy polity, you can contact us.